Anpassen der Tabs und Dropdownmenüs im vtiger Navigationsmenü

Zur Anpassung des Navigationsmenüs von vtiger steht für 60$ (~35€) das Module OSS Menu Manager von OpenSaaS zur Verfügung. Die Anpassung des Menüs, hier im Video per OSS Menu Manager, kann aber auch (weniger bequem) von Hand durch Anpassungen im Quelltext erfolgen.

Hier die Anleitung als Auszug aus

How to remove main tabs

Edit the file parent_tabdata.php, find the array $parent_tab_info_array, and delete from it the entries you don’t want.

How to remove the secondary tabs under the main tabs

In the vtiger home directory, open the parent_tabdata.php

Here is an example that only shows the home, marketing, tools and settings tabs:

 //This file contains the commonly used variables

 $parent_tab_info_array = array(1=>'My Home Page', 2=>'Marketing', 3=>'Sales', 4=>'Support', 5=>'Analytics', 6=>'Inventory', 7=>'Tools', 8=>'Settings');

 $parent_child_tab_rel_array = array(1=>array(3,9,10,), 2=>array(26,6,4,10,7,9,8,), 3=>array(7,6,4,2,20,22,23,14,19,8,9,), 4=>array(13,15,6,4,14,8,10,9,), 5=>array(1,25,), 6=>array(14,18,19,21,22,20,23,), 7=>array(24,27,8,), 8=>array(),);

$parent_tab_info_array: You can change the tab order just changing the array order. If you want some tab to disappear, delete or comment that tab.

For example, to „disappear“ the Marketing tab and move the Support tab:

 $parent_tab_info_array = array(1=>'My Home Page', /*2=>'Marketing',*/ 3=>'Sales', 5=>'Analytics', 6=>'Inventory', 4=>'Support', 7=>'Tools', 8=>'Settings');

$parent_child_tab_rel_array: Each array is related to $parent_tab_info_array for changing the child_tab order you have to change the elements of the array that you want to modify.

For My Home Page,

 $parent_child_tab_rel_array=array( 1=>array(3,9,10,21,),

The numbers in the arrays correspond to child tabs, as set in the $tab_info_array array, which is defined in the tabdata.php file.

To finish removing you must delete an entry in the data base. Find the parenttabid in the table vtiger_parenttab rememeber it, you must find the number of the secondary tabs in tabdata.php $tab_info_array too. Go in table vtiger_parenttabrel find all record with the parenttabid find before, remove the entry where tabid correspond to your secondary number. Reload your page, the submenu has desapear.

How to change tab ID

Change the sequence of the fields in vtiger_fields table.

Select the vtiger_fields table and select the records of tablename=’vtiger_invoice‘. In that there is a column sequence. Just change the sequence which one you want to display first.

To change the block, there is a column block. in that you can change the block number (three blocks) where you want to display.

How to edit/modify tab names

Check the include/language/en_us.lang.php (or your language file, as appropriate). You can edit all elements there for your needs.

Around line 415 you’ll see:

//Added language for Parent Tab

'My Home Page'=>'My Home Page',

Rename them to what you like for everything. Also the title can be changed here.


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