Vtiger Relations Modul funktioniert auch mit vtiger 5.4

Laut einem Anwenderbericht funktioniert mein Vtiger-Modul vtiger Relations ohne Probleme auch mit der neuesten Version von Vtiger 5.4.

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  1. Chris


    I recently purchased the realtionships module for work I am doing on vtiger6. I wonder if you can help me get it to work properly with this version of Vtiger. Its almost there:

    It currently installs without issue
    You can create the relationships fine

    The problem is that the More tab has now been replaced with a new side menu and so you can’t view the relationships list view. I am not sure how to do this. Can you advise?

    I really want to get this working as it is exactly what I need for my company.

    Any help/response will be greatly appreciated

  2. Carlos J. Sánchez

    Good work, I wonder if this module to create a relationship between two contacts, for example:

    Actor A, if you choose from the dropdown list the „Contacts“.
    We would Actor B select the „Contacts“ as well.

    A Salute.

  3. Florian Dieckmann Beitragsautor

    That is exactly what it does. You can document any relationship between any entity in any direction, regardless if the nodes are leads, accounts or contacts.

  4. Andrew


    I have this module and love it. Don’t know why this isn’t part of the core however I appreciate the work to develop.

    I would like to extend to also cover opportunities and invoices. It looks like I just have to change downloadfile.php and DBUpdateRelatedLists.php. Is there anything else that needs to be done?

    Thanks for your help.

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