vtiger Relations Module – Manual and Download

I proudly present my new vtiger Relations Module for download, an optional extension of the famous open source crm vtiger. The module enables the user to document and to analyze relationships of a lead, an account or a contact for a better understanding of its roles, its dependencies, its influences, its behaviour and so on. Furthermore, the module enables the user to analyse complex networks based on an export of collected data as comma separated values (csv) by making use of third party social network analysis software like e.g. nodeXL. By the vtiger module „relations“, vtiger becomes a valuable tool of any kind of marketing intelligence.

  1. How it works
  2. Download
  3. Copyright and License
  4. Getting Started (Installation)
  5. Usage

1. How it works

The new vtiger module „relations“ makes it possible to manage data related to a directed „relationship“ , „tie“ or „edge“ of two stakeholders managed by using vtiger, e.g. of two leads, two contacts, two accounts, as well as between two single arbitrary leads, contacts, or accounts. Any relationship and its attributes is handled as an independent entity and can be used for the analysis of networks and interdependencies between stakeholders managed with vtiger. The basic structure and functionality of the module resembles other modules. It is 100% compatible to vtiger module manager. After installation, it is available at the „Marketing“-tab. The module’s usage is restricted by the rules defined throughout roles and profiles. Its picklists can be administrated via the picklist-editor of vtiger. Furthermore, the administrator is able to add custom fields at the module manager interface.

The module is designated to

  1. document, show and edit relationships among leads, accounts and contacts.
  2. analyse relationships by listing them according to a filter specified by the user
  3. search relationships
  4. to make use of social network analysis software by exporting data as comma separated value (csv) files.

2. Download

If you wish to install the vtiger relations module into a vtiger installation, you can purchase a license at 30,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT) via PayPal.

For vtiger 5.2  to vtiger 5.4, click here:

For vtiger 6.1, click here:

You will be connected to PayPal for payment.
If you need a commercial invoice, please provide me with your billing address and, in case your company is located in the European Union, your VAT No.

After your payment, an automated email will be sent to your email adress of your PayPal account with the link where you can download the module. Please note: For safety reasons, this link is valid 24 hours only. If you face any problems downloading the file, please do not hesitate to drop me a line by email.

3. Copyright and License

vTiger Relations Module is a module to manage cross module relations. Copyright (C) [2011] a-g-c [www.a-g-c.de] by order and for account of Florian Dieckmann. The software is property of Florian Dieckmann. This software is distributed on an „AS IS“ basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either expressed or implied. Only in case of an authorized download of the software from http://derdieckmann.de or in case the software was sent to you by Florian Dieckmann by email, Florian Dieckmann grants you a nonexclusive license to use this software. You can modify and use the software without the possibility of resale, redistribution, rent or sublicense, unless it is otherwise agreed by Florian Dieckmann. You can freely use the software for your own business. You can not deploy / install copies of the software into software systems of other people or companies unless you acquire a separate or otherwise agreed license from Florian Dieckmann. It is forbidden to use the software to violate applicable law. It is forbidden to use the software for defamatory, violent or pornographic purposes or for any other breach of morality.

If you wish to join the discussion and/or development of the relations module or if you want to push things forward otherwise, please do not hesitate to drop me a line by email or to leave a comment below.

4. Getting Started (Installation)

Before installation, create a backup of your vtiger system and your vtiger database!

The module has to be installed by using the module manager. To be able to install the new module, you must have „Administrator privileges“ on your vtiger system.

At vtiger 6.1, go to CRM settings > Module Manager > Install from ZIP.
Note that „Install from ZIP“ will be shown at the bottom of the Module Manager page. The following screenshots are taken from a vtiger 5.x installation.

At vtiger 5.x, go to the Settings > Module Manager > Custom Modules and click on „Import New“.

Choose the vtiger relations module zip-file. Click „import“.

If you accept the license agreement, click „yes“.

Complete the installation by clicking „Finish“ below the installation report. The installation report will be shown after you accept the license agreement.

After installation, the module settings can be configured by using the module manager.

Note: Picklists can be edited by using the picklist editor at vtiger settings panel. You need Administrator privileges to edit picklists. Additional picklists as well as addtional information fields can be added by using the layout editor.

When you are going to add your first definition of a new relationship, you will have to configure the relation ID. Click the link „here“ in the red warning to configure it.

You may enter „REL“ as prefix for „relations“ and a number like e.g. „1“ as start sequence number.

5. Usage

Creation of a new relation:

Relation information:

Relations list view:

Note: Relations are also listed at the „more information“ tab of any lead, account or contact, whereby every relation is listed, whether the single lead, account or contact appears as „Actor A“ or „Actor B“. In both list views, either at the relations module and at the more information tab of  a lead, account or contact, columns can be sorted.

Import works as usual. You may access the import menu by pushing the known import button at the top of the module. Please note that the usual button for export at the top of the module is inactive. (Update: vtiger required to deactivate both standard import and export functionality. They reason that they wish to have uniform behaviour of import and export functionality in every module.) For export, use the CSV Export Button instead which you will find above and below the relations list view.

Data which is made available by using vtiger relations is available to define reports. This is useful to filter a group of stakeholders by their relationships to a certain stakeholder.

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    Ich frage mich, ob es in Ihrer Erweiterung ist möglich, Provisionen für collaborateures (Benutzer) aus den Rechnungen zu berechnen? Kommissionen sind in% berechnet

    Ihnen danken


    Florian Dieckmann

    Hello Jacques, as far as I understand your question, you want to calculate a value based on e.g. the transaction value and a percentage given by another customized field. This is possible. You have to use layout editor at the module manager to add custom fields.

    If you have such a custom field, you may use field formulas to calulate values based on attributes which belong to a relation.

    I doubt that it is possible to calculate such values dependent of the vtiger-user and „owner“ of the present relation. This looks like a special task for a software developer like Andreas Göbel who wrote the relations module for me.

    Extend Vtiger with Social Network Analysis Capabilities! | Der Dieckmann

    […] I suggest to extend vtiger with Social Network Analysis (SNA) capacities. If classic marketing is based on item based sociology defining e.g groups of potential customers by certain criterias – like e.g. age, income or ZIP-Code – SNA refers to a slightly different concept. And vtiger could easily make use of it. (Update 2011-10-07: My module “Relations” has been released! Click here for a detailed description and download.) […]



    We are interested by your module, but we have 2 questions.

    – How does it works during conversion from Lead to Contact.
    Are the relation converted at the same time ?

    – Is the module already translated in French ?
    If not, can we imagine a free licence if we do the translation ?



    Do you a demo site where I can test this module ?

    Florian Dieckmann

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide a demo site.

    Florian Dieckmann

    Hi Nicolas,

    unfortunately, the module does not yet take care about conversion from Lead to Contact. But I agree that this would be quite important if a documentation of relations of leads shall make sense. I overlooked this problem because the module focused on relations between organisations and contacts in the first place. To include leads was just an idea, but I did not think about the consequences to involve lead conversion as well.
    I would be happy to get a French translation. I will drop you a line by email in the next hours. Yours, Florian


    Hi Florian, thanks for your answer.
    We are going to use the native vtiger campaign module to manage our relations between Lead and Accounts.
    In that way, the Lead-Contact conversion is well managed by the application.

    Thanks again.


    are u upgrading this addon for vtiger 5.3.0?

    Florian Dieckmann

    I made a test-upgrade of my vtiger-installation from 5.2.1 to 5.3.0. The addon was transfered to the new installation and worked without any problem. So, I guess there is no need to upgrade it for 5.3.0 because it should work anyway!



    I’m usign vtiguer 5.4, i going to use this module for refereral managemnet and do reports wiht opportunities and purchase order.

    Here say than the “ Relations are also listed at the „more information“ tab of any lead, account or contact,…“

    but i don’t see it.

    If i have to do any modification for get this on 5.4, where have i to beging?

    Do you now if is here any module that indeed do this?



    Hi Florian

    Will this module allow me to link multiple organizations to a single contact? i am running version 5.4. Would it be possible if i can get a demo version of the module to try it out?




    I am using vTiger4, will this work with that?

    Also, I need to be able to add multiple organisations to a contact (the relationship being a custom field) and also be able to add multiple contacts to an organisation. Is this possible with this module?

    Kind regards

    Florian Dieckmann

    Dear Alexander, I was not able to test it with vtiger 5.4 yet. At vtiger 5.2.x, there shouldn’t be any such problem.
    If there is a problem and if I can solve it by an update, I will let you know.

    Florian Dieckmann

    Dear Nicoloas, this is one of the major reasons why I developed this module. In sociology, it is called „overlapping membership“ when a single person belongs to different groups or organizations. Interestingly, the person constitutes thereby a link between different groups or organizations. Thereby, such a person with overlapping memberships is eventually able to make use of the ressources of very different groups/organizations in a unexpected or creative way…

    Florian Dieckmann

    I have not yet tested if it works with vtiger 5.4, but the programmer I’m working with is looking forward about it.
    The idea about relations is that you can match as many relations between organizations, organzisations and contacts, and contacts as you like. The relationship is thereby not a custom field, but a completely new entity within the database.


    I purchased this last week and have email you regarding getting it to work for vtiger6. It installs ok and I can add relations but the new design of the GUI no longer includes the More tab, but instead an alternative Summaries menu within each module. Are you able to tweak the module so it integrates with this?

    Fred Blauer

    I am interested in purchasing this module, but would need to know if it compatible with V 5.4. Thanks

    Florian Dieckmann

    Hi Mel, please get in contact with Andreas Göbel at http://a-g-c.de/ He will be able to get it done.

    Florian Dieckmann

    Dear Fred, I have some report from a French that it works fine together with vtiger 5.4


    Hi, we need, in a 5.4.0 installation, to make a relationship between the Asset object and the Service Contracts object. I.e. when creating a new Service Contract, we need not to relate it only to the Organization, but to one of the Assets belonging to this Organization too. Is this possible with your extension?

    Thanks and regards

    Robert Wetzlmayr

    Upon installation, this module creates a new database table named „vtiger_veranstaltungen“. Apparently, this table is not used at all as the code lacks any references to it.

    Is it safe to assume that „vtiger_veranstaltungen“ is a left-over from a different custom vTiger module and can therefore safely be deleted?

    Florian Dieckmann

    It should be in general but will need some coding as any relation is technically based on the value of the data object’s ID.
    If this is still an issue please send me an email so we can figure out how to find a solution.

    Nick Crossman

    Hi, my customer would like to have an Opportunity with multiple Owners i.e Related To, so for for one opportunity, there might be 5 companies/organisations that are potentially quoting on that job and each needs to have an equivalent relationship as any other i.e. When in any of the 5 org’s, that single opportunity is visible etc. Will this module do this and is there any chnace that it will be in V6 ? Cheers, Nick

    Shaunna Jagneaux

    Does your extension work with Vtiger 6?


    Does your module compatible with vTiger 6.0 ?

    Vtiger relations module has been updated to be compatible with vtiger 6.1 | Der Dieckmann

    […] relations module has been updated to be compatible with vtiger 6.1. For download, please go to the vtiger Relations Module – Manual and Download […]

    Florian Dieckmann

    Yes. Today, we were able to publish an update which is compatible with vtiger 6.1

    Florian Dieckmann

    Dear Nick, this is a good idea. Seen it from the database strcuture, opportunities do have an ID as leads, accounts and contacts do, so we could easily extent the module to cover opportunities as well. I will ask my programmer what it will take to extent the module accordingly. Please let me know whether you are still interested.


    We have two questions/problems:
    1. If we place a relation between Actor A and Actor B it is only listed in the „more information“ tab of Actor A. The information at Actor B is missing. Is this intended?
    2. If we click on „Choose Relations“ („wähle Relations“) in the relation tab and select an existing relation nothing happens.

    Florian Dieckmann

    about your question No.1: No, this is not intended and needs to be fixed. Please apologize the inconvenience. We will try to fix that and let you know.
    about your question No.2: If you go to a the tab „relations“ at a lead, an account, or a contact, you can click the button „select relation“ which will open a dialogue box in a new pop-up window. This pop-up is eventually a little slow for unknown reasons or might be blocked by a pop-up-blocking tool you use in your browser. Please check.


    Hi, are there any updates about our question (1)?


    Hallo Herr Dieckmann,

    wie sieht es mit einer aktuellen Version für vTiger 6.2 aus? Lassen sich mit diesem Tool auch Beziehungen von einem Unternehmen zu anderen Unternehmen herstellen?


    Florian Dieckmann

    Arbritäre Beziehungen zwischen beliebigen Stakeholdern sind die Kernidee der Erweiterung. Wir arbeiten gerade an einem Update des Tools, es müsste m.E. aber bereits jetzt auch mit der Version 6.2 laufen.

    Dennis Henß

    Is your module compatible to the latest version of vtiger (6.5.0)?

    Best regards

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