Dokumentation und Analyse von Beziehungen zwischen Leads, Organisationen oder Personen in vtiger

Seit einigen Tagen steht mein vtiger Modul „Relations“ – zu deutsch „Beziehungen“ – zum Download bereit. Es handelt sich um eine optionale Erweiterung des  Open Source CRM vtiger. Das Modul ermöglicht es dem Benutzer von vtiger, Beziehungen zwischen Leads, Organisationen und Kontakten zu dokumentieren und zu analysieren, um Rollen, Abhängigkeiten, Einflüsse und Verhaltensweisen einzelner Akteure oder ganzer Netzwerke zu verstehen. Dank der Möglichkeit, die gesammelten Daten als kommagetrennte Werte in eine *.csv-Datei zu exportieren, ist es möglich, mittels Software für soziale Netzwerkanalyse wie z.B. nodeXL Netzwerke auch grafisch darzustellen. Die Erweiterung erlaubt es somit, Märkte und andere soziale Strukturen als Beziehungsgeflechte zu verstehen. Weiterlesen

Proposal for a new vtiger module to document and analyse relations among various stakeholders

This is a proposal for a new module in vtiger including a description of its aims and specifications. I suggest to call this new module „Relations“. It is designated to document and analyse relations among accounts and/or contacts. The module shall is an optional extension of vtiger and could is available at the „Marketing“-tab. (Update 2011-10-07: My module „Relations“ has been released! Click here for Download.)

The idea about the new module is inspired by concepts and software related to social network analysis (SNA). Furthermore, it is encouraged by similar features already available at other CRM software suites like e.g. Siebel Oracle. The new module will be highly useful to understand the behaviour of whole markets as well as single customers. Until now, we try to understand all the relationships out there mostly intutively based on personal experience and due to a lack of properly structured data without any software. Keeping in mind that vtiger is a „relationship management“ software, it is remarkable that relations are not handled yet. Introducing a structure that handles „relations“ as self-contained entities, the new module will take advantage of information already gathered by using vtiger. It will extent the usage of vtiger to learn about market structure and to design more efficient campaigns and communication strategies. It will also be useful to learn more about the behaviour of competitors or rivals. Weiterlesen

Extend Vtiger with Social Network Analysis Capabilities!

I suggest to extend vtiger with Social Network Analysis (SNA) capacities. If classic marketing is based on item based sociology defining e.g groups of potential customers by certain criterias – like e.g. age, income or ZIP-Code – SNA refers to a slightly different concept. And vtiger could easily make use of it. (Update 2011-10-07: My module “Relations” has been released! Click here for a detailed description and download.) Weiterlesen